All Seasons Florists Ballaghaderreen - from Tom Sharkey & Sons Ltd.Placing flowers at burial sites is one of our oldest rituals. Evidence of flowers has been found at the earliest known burial sites. While it can be difficult to speak words of sympathy when saying goodbye, flowers need little verbal accompaniment. As symbols of compassion and kindness, funeral flowers promote a warmth and grace at a funeral.

Sharkey Funeral Directors offer a complete florist service through its flower shop All Seasons Florists. Should you wish to have fresh or artificial flower arrangements, bouquets or wreaths provided, Sharkey Funeral Directors offer a complete and professional floristry service.

All Seasons Florists is operated by Tom Sharkey & Sons Ltd. who have been Funeral Directors for over a century. Since the late 1800's and over four generations, the family have conducted funerals. As such, there is a long tradition and understanding of the role of floral bequests at funeral services, in the home of the deceased and in the church. All Seasons Florists carry a wide selection of silk flower wreaths and arrangements as well as offering fresh flower wreaths, bouquets and many other arrangements. Customised floral tributes are also a speciality, so please do not hesitate to ask for a floral tribute which reflects your own remembrances.

Wholesale funeral flowers

Sharkey Funeral Directors also offer for wholesale, our contemporary range of artificial funeral wreaths and bouquets in addition to our custom wreath creation service. Please complete our wholesale wreath enquiries form and we will contact you regarding your enquiry as soon as possible.

  • Contemporary Silk WreathsAll Seasons Florists offer wholesale funeral flowers and wreaths
  • Silk Bouquets Made to your specifications
  • Custom Wreath Creation Services
  • Fast Turnaround time and Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Professional Service


Embalming Services in Ireland, covering Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon.Embalming is the process of preserving a body by means of preservative chemicals and techniques. Practiced by the Egyptians from the earliest times, and there brought to such perfection that even today those embalmed thousands of years ago remain preserved. Modern embalmers use preservative chemicals in treating the body to retard deterioration.


Embalming slows the speed of natural deterioration after a death and neutralises pathogens that may be present. This allows for more time in which a funeral service can take place, leaving time for family and friends to travel from far away as is often the case with an Irish funeral.

Cremation services in Ireland from Sharkey Funeral DirectorsCremation is a part of a funeral where the coffin or casket is placed in a cremator, reduced to ashes and placed in an urn. Sharkey Funeral Directors provide professional advice on cremation, cremation services and the options for dispersing or interring ashes after the ceremony.

Repatriation services, to and from Ireland from Sharkey Funeral Directors, Ballaghaderreen Repatriation concerns the restoration or return of a person to their country of origin, birth or citizenship. Many people wish to be returned home to their country of origin after their passing. In a situation where a death occurs abroad, arrangements can be made to repatriate the deceased home. Similarly, if a foreign national dies in Ireland, Sharkey Funeral Directors can make the necessary arrangements.

Sharkey Funeral Directors have many years of experience in worldwide repatriation and liaise with consular, coroner, high commission, as well as air or shipping line and statutory authorities.

Exhumation Service from Sharkey Funeral Directors. Exhumation refers to the disinterment of a coffin or casket. This is most often to relocate the remains to a new location or to further investigate a death.

Sharkey Funeral Directors provide an extensive & sensitive exhumation service organising the required legal, health and safety documents; notifying the relevant authorities; conducting the exhumation and any subsequent re-interment necessary.